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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

7 p.m., Wednesday 30th October, 2013
Conroy Hall, Park Road, Killarney, Co. Kerry.
Dish is an insider's look at gender, power, and the art of service. Former waitress and award-winning director Maya Gallus dines out and dishes the dirt with waitresses, restaurant owners, and maƮtre-d's about the demands of the job. From the hustle of a busy truck stop to the discreet hush of a Parisian house of fine dining, Dish serves up a delicious and illuminating look at the lives of women in the restaurant business.
The screening is brought to Killarney by artist Eleanor Phillips to kick-start her research into the possibility of creating a series of art works in collaboration with the residents of Killarney.
The research phase is funded by the Arts Council through Create's Artist in the Community grant, and with the support of SIPTU and Fair Hotels

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