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Thursday, 16 October 2008

The F**@@!N Black Hole

Dear Loved ones
It will take me a long time to type this out, when last I wrote I had at least the use of one hand, today I have had the full effects of the black hole experiment (those bastard scientists should have been stopped at birth, abortion is good, science is wrong: aside-yes it's a Shakespearian moment) and now I type with my nose. If I knew how to operate the web cam via use of nose I could prove this (8th) wonder of the world to you. (This is very tiring) The banks blame me personally for world collapse, I was about to take on a pot washing job to prove I could deal with this momentary loss of faith (i.e. pay them back, all would be well) but the black hole caught up with me and 5 minutes before I walked into said job I slammed the good hand in car door. I have two legs ready for the next black hole effect, in the meantime I'm learning the joys of a sticky arse.