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Friday, 2 January 2009

2009 without the w(h)ine

All blogs should start with a glass of wine but unfortunately I am sober. It's been a sobering end to my year: my car, house keys, purse, 6 bottles of wine, tea, coffee, prescription sunglasses and most importantly of all, my digital voice recorder, were all stolen. I discovered this on the morning I was due to leave Belfast for the beautiful Co. Kerry.
The car is insured so presumably I will get some kind of money back to get another rust bucket. But the voice recorder had on it a series of interviews that can never be recovered, this is a huge loss as it was to be part of an installation due to be put together in two weeks time. Hah! What fantastic fun the gods have been having with me this last year.
Remember when the scientists did that big 'smaller-than-an-atom-smash-it-up-thingumy-might-create-a-black-hole-but-didn't' in September. Well it did, create a black hole that is. It's plainly evident, the banks collapsed, I broke my right wrist, smashed my left index finger, and then my voice recorder was stolen. My life was perfectly fine until they did that 'looking for the source of gravity' thingy!
So - 2009 - how bad can it get?

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